Meet Our Current Student…

Hello, my name is Sala, and I am delighted to introduce myself to you. As an international student from Hong Kong, I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work at QUT. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to embark on my second placement at The Base Support Service Inc, a choice that fills me with joy and enthusiasm.

One of the main reasons I chose The base for my placement is my genuine passion for working with families, I believe that strong and supportive family units are the foundation of healthy communities. Having experienced the joys and challenges of motherhood myself, I have developed invaluable empathetic and managerial skills that I am eager to apply in my work at The Base. In addition to my social work training, I bring to the table over 14 years of working experience in the business sector. This diverse background has endowed me with a unique skill set, blending strong analytical and execution abilities with a profound understanding of human dynamics. I am confident that this blend of skills and experience will be invaluable during my time at The Base.

The Base Support Service Inc. holds a special place in my heart because of their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the communities they serve. Their mission is to provide high-quality and professional support to the communities with Goodna, Ipswich, and the surrounding areas. They address a wide range of challenges faced by individuals, families, and careers who may be experiencing social, emotional, economic, and environmental disadvantage.

I am confident that my time at The Base will be transformative experience, both personally and professionally. By working alongside the dedicated team at The base, I aim to play an active role in creating positive change for individuals, families, and the broader community. Together, we can make a lasting impact and empower those in need.

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