NDIS Provider

We are an approved NDIS provider in Goodna, we offer a range of NDIS support services from support coordination, plan management to community participation.

What is NDIS?

Founded in 2013, the National Disability Insurance scheme is an insurance support scheme of the Australian Government. To be eligible for NDIS supports your disability needs to be permanent (not likely to change with time) and have a significant impact on your ability to take part in everyday activities.    

Service providers of the NDIS, like The Base, work with the client to help them achieve their short and long term goals. Here at The Base we provide services such as managing your NDIS plan, coordinating your supports and many more.  

NDIS Provider Goodna


Support Co-ordination

The aim of this support is to assist in the strengthening of a client’s ability to design and build their supports, and supporting the client to not only direct their services but to direct their lives. Support Coordination involves working with clients to understand funding, identify what the client expects from services.

Plan Management

This support assists clients by managing and monitoring budgets over the course of an NDIS plan, managing NDIS claims and paying providers for delivered service, maintain records and providing regular financial statements of an NDIS plan, providing advice and access to a wide range of service providers to suit the clients needs and support plan

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

This support provides assistance with and/or supervising daily tasks within a shared living environment, with a focus on the NDIS client developing the skills to enhance their independence. The support is provided to each person living in the shared arrangement in accordance with their needs.

Community Participation

This support is designed to help support a client to actively engage in the community, social and/or recreational activities of their choice.

Life Skills Development

This support is aimed to provide clients with individualised life skills training in the clients own home/living space to increase the client’s independence. Training is also provided to carers, in matters related to caring for a person living with a disability.

Assist Life Stages and Transition

Support is provided to a client for a provision of time, to assist the client to develop and maintain their own personal daily budget, and also to assist the client in planning future purchases.

Innovation Community Participation

The aim of this support is to provide NDIS client’s new and innovative services and activities that the client may be interested in participating in. For example; art classes, sports, outdoor recreation, etc.

NDIS Support Coordination Ipswich

What about people with mental health disabilities?

Some people living with mental illness may be eligible for NDIS supports. People with psychosocial disability are supported through the NDIS using the Recovery Framework. It is intended to support and enhance the self-determination of people living with psychosocial disability. There are certain criteria that people with psychosocial disability must meet. 

What is Support Co-ordination?

Knowing where to go for supports and choosing the right supports can be time-consuming and confusing for both the participant and the family/carers of people living with disability.  Engaging with a support co-ordinator assists you to understand and implement the funded supports in your NDIS plan and link you in with the supports best suited to you. Individuals are given support to choose the supports that are best suited to them. Support Co-ordinators will also check in with you to ensure the supports you are receiving are working for you. Support Co-ordinators will ensure that you are getting the best value for money and work with you to ensure your funding is adequate for your needs.

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management assists and supports someone with NDIS to manage their funding. Plan Managers disperse funds to services that are providing support, monitor your NDIS budget, provide regular statements regarding your usage of funds and advise when funds are overused or underused. The management of your NDIS funding can be either managed by the NDIA, Self-managed (by you or someone you nominate) or Plan Managed by a service provider. Here at The Base Support Services we employ a dedicated and experienced Plan Manager to manage your NDIS funds.

How to access NDIS at The Base Support Services Inc.

To access our NDIS Program please contact us on 07 3818 3118, send us an email admin@tbssinc.com.au or fill out an online enquiry form. One of our friendly staff will contact you to arrange an appointment to speak with one of our NDIS Team.