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The Base Support Services Inc. (TBSSINC) first became incorporated in 1992. TBSSINC was incorporated under the name of Goodna/Ipswich Youth and Community Action Association Inc. and traded as The Base Youth Agency until 2018 when it had it’s name change to what it is now: The Base Support Services Inc. The Base Support Services Inc. is commonly referred to as “The Base” since its inception over 30 years ago.  

Our History

The Base Community Assistance Springfield

Since it’s inception 30 years ago, TBSSINC has grown considerably over the years. The Base Support Services Inc. was founded with one worker co-sharing an office with another youth service and was the primary service offering support in health promotion, crime prevention and employment services targeting young people under 25 in the Ipswich region.  

One of the most memorable and impressive impacts the service left the community was the implementation of the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ program that focused on health improvement and crime prevention. This program is now nationally recognised. Another aspect of The Base was the ability to be transit and the service moved into communities/areas on a needs driven basis, for example being offered space for no cost at the Redbank Plains ‘Billabong Centre’, & a church space in the heart of Goodna.

Goodna Youth Outreach service is another service that was a trial project within The Base seeing a partnership with other Services including Mercy Family Services and Goodna Youth Accommodation Service. After the trial The Base refocussed via strategic planning, and the ‘Caravan Project’ was implemented. The workers supplied free meals, conversation and information and referral to people in high needs. At this stage Goodna was recognised as an area where illicit drug use was an issue within the community. 

The Base was very fortunate to be recognised as a peek service and the then premier Mr Peter Beatie secured a permanent space within the community where the heart of issues were. Thus the service being the very first service to be allocated a space with no charge and a $1.00 a year fee. This came with a budget to ‘fit out’ the house to the service’s specifications. The Base planted its roots within the community where it still stands today. 

Via strategic planning and community advisory group discussions “Anger Management & Behavioural” issues were being more and more identified within the sector, it was from here in the year 2000 The Base directed its main focus and restructured the service to a closed referral service, seeking staff in specialized fields to look at education, prevention and therapeutic programs to support such behaviours, targeting young people and their parents / guardians. The anger management program was active for over nine years and was seen often as the ‘referral link’ by mainstream services within the Ipswich and surrounding areas. Today similar programs are still offered by The Base as funding permits. 

The Base Support Services Inc. Today

The Base is governed by a volunteer Management Committee with its’ operations managed by an experienced Service Manager and Programs Manager that supports a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. The service is a not for profit incorporated association, operating in the Goodna and surrounding areas. The Base Support Services Inc. is a priority referral service whereby clients are most often referred by mainstream services and private practises including Doctors. Clients may also refer themselves to the service, and in this case, the degree of priority will be evaluated based on his/her needs and the service’s ability to meet them within budget restrictions. 

The Base Support Services Inc. offers various services to the community. Each service has slightly different target age groups but are all geared towards individuals and their families with high to extreme complex needs usually associated with behavioural, anger management and criminal issues. It is ideal that a client’s parent, carer/guardian attends and maintains regular contact with the service throughout the therapeutic process however, exceptions can be made under certain circumstances. 

Our Service Delivery includes but is in no way limited to, (as the services provided are linked with individual needs); Assessments, Counselling, Behavioural Modification, Case Management, Anger Management, Coping Strategy Development, Training, Parent Support Programs, Group Work, Information, Referral to relevant and appropriate services, Community Development, Mediation, Advocacy, Recreational Programs and the Development of intersectoral linkages within the Community. 

Youth and Family Support Ripley

To undertake the above we operate within a holistic client centred, a systems approach incorporating a reality and/or narrative counselling therapeutic framework. The service operates outside usual hours to better enhance the service provision for clients; operating hours are 9am to 7pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays and 9.00am to 5.30pm Thursdays and Fridays. On some occasions it is necessary to modify these hours to cater for unusual circumstances i.e. events that take place on non-operational days, if this occurs then days will be negotiated and changed at little or no notice (signs will be displayed on the service’s door). 

The service works on ‘Quality’ not ‘Quantity’ and therefore able to continually work with clients until they themselves are ready to move forward or we are no longer able to meet their needs. 

Mission Statement

The Base Support Services Inc’s Mission is to provide high quality and professional support to the communities within Goodna, Ipswich and surrounding areas. This is provided through a variety of outreach and on-site services specifically to those who may be experiencing, social, emotional, economic and environmental disadvantage. Individuals, families and carers will receive intensive supports to create positive change for self, family and community. The Base Support Services Inc. is committed to upholding the safety and rights of all community members by providing a non-discriminatory safe and welcoming space to those seeking support. 

Youth and Family Support Ipswich Western Suburbs


Working together with our community to facilitate positive change.

Key Values/Meaning

Our trained staff are dedicated to providing guidance and encouraging positive choices so that members of the community, from all ages and diverse backgrounds, can better their quality of life and reach their full potential.

The support our organisation provides to the community is based on the values of:


We are committed to creating pathways for all individuals to access fair and equitable services.

Service Access

We are committed to identifying and reducing barriers to access our service and to providing equitable access for those in need.


We are committed to a working practice whereby individuals work together for a common purpose to achieve goals and provide sustainable outcomes.

Self-determination and self-reliance

We are committed to empowering individuals to have more choice and control in their lives.


We are committed to embracing diversity by removing barriers to promote opportunities.


We are committed to supporting positive outcome that are meaningful and individually focused.


We are committed to building trusting relationships that uphold the needs of another person regardless of their values and backgrounds.