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Working together with our community to facilitate positive change.

Providing high quality and professional support to the community of Goodna, Ipswich, Springfield and surrounding areas.

Operating in Goodna since 1992 | Trusted Local Service | Practical and Therapeutic Support | NDIS Provider | Confidential | Free | Personalised Support

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We know what it’s like… to be overwhelmed and not know where to go for help.

We at The Base Support Services Inc. understand that life’s challenges can sometimes be overwhelming and you can be left wondering where to go for support. We provide tailored support to your specific needs whether it be understanding and navigating NDIS, supporting a young person through difficult times and supporting families when things don’t go as planned.

At Risk Youth Ipswich

We can assist with helping young people and families to access and link in with relevant supports within the local community in the areas of education, employment, Identification, improving mental health, improving relationships with families and friends, drugs and alcohol, offending behaviour, referral and advocacy.

We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of people that understand the NDIS and Disability sector

Our team are qualified case managers who want to know more about your needs and ensure you get specific supports to improve your quality of life.

Our support staff, support coordinator and plan manager all operate with integrity to ensure you can maximise your funding.

Want local support from people who care?

Life can be challenging sometimes. That’s why we seek to understand and provide tailored support to help individuals, families and the broader Goodna, Ipswich, Springfield and surrounding communities. 

Youth Support Services Ipswich


The Base Support Services Inc provides high quality and professional support to the community of Goodna and surrounding areas through a variety of outreach and on-site services specifically to those who may be experiencing, social, emotional, economic and environmental disadvantage. Individuals, families and carers will receive intensive supports to create positive change for self, family and community. The Base Support Services Inc. is committed to upholding the safety and rights of all community members by providing a non-discriminatory safe and welcoming space to those seeking support. 

Our trained staff are dedicated to providing guidance and encouraging positive choices so that members of the community, from all ages and diverse backgrounds, can better their quality of life and reach their full potential.

The support our organisation provides to the community is based on the values of:


We are committed to creating pathways for all individuals to access fair and equitable services.

Service Access

We are committed to identifying and reducing barriers to access our service and to providing equitable access for those in need.


We are committed to a working practice whereby individuals work together for a common purpose to achieve goals and provide sustainable outcomes.

Self-determination and self-reliance

We are committed to empowering individuals to have more choice and control in their lives.


We are committed to embracing diversity by removing barriers to promote opportunities.


We are committed to supporting positive outcome that are meaningful and individually focused.


We are committed to building trusting relationships that uphold the needs of another person regardless of their values and backgrounds.



The Base Support Services Inc. is a registered NDIS provider for, Daily tasks/Shared Living, Innovative Community Participation, Community Participation, Life Skills Development, Plan Management, Support Coordination and Assist Life Stages and Transition. Our dedicated team can support you to access NDIS and make the most out of your funding.


We receive funding from the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs. Over the years it has changed however currently this is where our funding comes from.

The FAYSS program offers a support service delivery to family members or identified family members of the referred young person, to assist them to support their young person to remain compliant with their youth justice orders. FAYSS looks to increase positive family functioning and to enhance their connection to positive community networks by offering assistance to address any barriers or risk factors present. FAYSS provides a holistic case management model, providing linkages for both the young person and their family to suitable support systems within their local community. The intention of this support is to reduce the risk of re-offending while assisting a young person to remain compliant with their orders.


The Base Support Services Inc. delivers a Fee For Service option, in order to provide service provision for clients that may not fit within our organisation’s current funded service agreements.

This service option offers therapeutic services and support to members of the community who are seeking specialised intervention and support.


The Base Support Services Inc. has been operating in Goodna since 1992. Our team are highly skilled case workers and are dedicated to the specific roles they hold within the organisation. The team are backed by a dedicated volunteer management committee and supported by a highly experienced service manager.


Here are the specific areas we serve in the Goodna, Ipswich, Springfield and Western Suburb regions. 

Looking for support?


We offer support to the following main groups. 


Another service seeking a facilitator to run your next session.


Need to access or want to change how you do access


You have a specific need that needs to be supported


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“absolutely amazing staff, forever grateful for all the support given ….. thanku so much Belinda not sure where we”d b without you x” – Sherrie Powles

“This place is underestimated. ..caring staff and so kind hearted. Helped with issues and on the road to happiness! Thank you!” – Angie Neville