Harvey Norman and Sealy’s Wonderful Donation

Add Your Heading Text Here The Base Support Services Inc. are thrilled to share some heartwarming news with our community – a donation that has brought comfort, warmth, and dreams of hope for our planned Youth and Family Hub space. We are so excited to announce the wonderful community support that has been provided to […]

The Base receives Brother’s Leagues Club Brother’s Helping Others Community Grant 2023

Add Your Heading Text Here The Base Support Services Inc. is honoured to be one of the lucky recipients of the Brother’s Leagues Club Brother’s Helping Others Community Grant 2023. The Brothers Leagues Club Ipswich acknowledges the significant contribution community-focused organisations, schools and sporting groups provide to the Ipswich Community. The Brothers Helping Others $100,000 […]

Love Bites 2023

Here at the Base Support Services Inc., the FAYSS team (Family and Youth Support Service) is endeavoring to find new exciting and educational ways to engage with our young people, promoting and facilitating programs to help make healthy choices. It’s wonderful to hear about the positive impact the FAYSS team is making by delivering the […]

Meet Our Current Student…

Hello, my name is Sala, and I am delighted to introduce myself to you. As an international student from Hong Kong, I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work at QUT. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to embark on my second placement at The Base Support Service Inc, a choice that […]

The Base: Empowering Students through Meaningful Placements in Community Support Services

In the pursuit of higher education, students often seek practical experiences that bridge the gap between theory and real-world application. Recognising this need, The Base, an organisation dedicated to community support services, is committed to providing students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting. By collaborating with renowned tertiary education […]

Discover the power of NDIS Supports! Local support from people who care.

Are you or your loved one navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and seeking expert guidance and support? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce our exceptional NDIS Support Coordinator, NDIS Plan Management and Community Participation services. Designed to empower individuals and families on their unique NDIS journey. ????️ NDIS Support Coordinator, Guiding […]

Guitar Donation Alert

We are thrilled to announce that Luke Peacock, the amazing guitar enthusiast and co-owner of Tone Masons Guitar Service and Repairs, generously donated a guitar to our organisation in March! Luke who can be found on Instagram @tonemasonsguitars, wanted to contribute to a worthy cause, and after much research, he reached out to us to […]

Celebrating 30 Years!

This year The Base Support Services Inc. is celebrating it’s 30th year as an incorporated entity! To celebrate, we take you on a journey looking back over the past 30years.